Great LinkedIn Tool & Presentation

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networking tools out there and over the last year it has gotten a quite a bit better as a job-search tool as well. One of the newest LI features that I have learned about is Jobs Insider, a tool that improves the functionality of job-boards by overlaying contacts from your LinkedIn network  to postings you find on the Internet.

Jobs Insider works by opening a side pane on your internet browser and lets you see the ‘inside’ connection (if you have one) to a job whenever you view it on a recognized job board (which includes most of the major job sites).

The example below comes from a posting on Monster from NGP (the company I work for) . It shows the LinkedIn connections I have to that posting and also allows me to make a quick jump to their profile.

LI Jobs Insider

Additionally, Jobs Insider lets you do a basic and  advanced search of LinkedIn Jobs, another job-search tool that is powered by SimplyHired.

Jobs Insider is FREE and very easy to download.  Find it at the bottom of your LI home page in the tools section.

Also on the LinkedIn front…

We were very lucky to have David Cohen, a Senior Account Executive with LinkedIn, visit the Monday night Career Transition Support Group in Brentwood, TN recently to talk about how to utilize LinkedIn to find a job. He was nice enough to give us permission to make that presentation a download available here on Recruiters Guide to the Universe.


Until next time, good hunting and good luck!


7 responses to “Great LinkedIn Tool & Presentation

  1. Outstanding! This is making the job search process so much easier. The deeper I delve into LinkedIn, the more amazed I am at how powerful this tool really is. Are we at the stage yet where we can say “How did I ever live without it”?

  2. Matt: It will be interesting to see if the CareerXroads source of hire survey breaks down how the 27.3 percent of hires who were referred used online social networks as a mechanism.

    It would be interesting to see the relationship between profile recommendations and referral based hires.

    Other stats: corporate site: 20.1%, job boards 12.3, college 3.6, direct sourcing 7.8, career fairs 3.2, 3rd party agencies 2.7, walk-in 0.8, temp-to-hire, all other 10.1

  3. LinkedIn just gets better and better in terms of my job search. Thanks for the information, Matt. And thanks to David for the great presentaion.

  4. Linkedin is rockin. added linkedin to their top ten job sites. The 3 newest sites – (professional networking) (aggregated listings) (matches jobs based on your skills)

    good luck to those looking.

  5. Based on the enthusiastic responses that this posting has generated, I’m wondering if I’m missing something. Yes, Jobs Insider works great for jobs posted on Monster – it either gives me the information described or tells me that I have no connections. However, when I view postings on,, and, I get nothing in the Jobs Insider window. I find it hard to believe that none of those is considered to be a “major job board”, so what am I doing wrong?

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