Never Burn Any Bridges (A Success Story)

In a tough economy all you ever hear are negative stories about layoffs and unemployment so I wanted to share a great testimony to the fact that hiring is taking place and that if you do the right things and put yourself in the right position good things can happen.

Donnie Hall, a connection on one of the social networking sites, recently sent out an ’employed’ status update to his network. I try to keep on ongoing list of how people find their opportunities so I shot him a quick note to ask about how he had found his.

Here is Donnie’s story and reason number 15,304 never (and I mean never, ever) to burn any bridges.

The story of finding this job is an interesting one. First, understand that I have been developing software in the Nashville area for 22 years and the longest I’ve ever been out of work is about a week.

I was laid off November 13 and knew that nothing would happen during the holidays so I spent my time working on my résumé, networking and promoting myself on Facebook and my company website.

The job search began in earnest after the first of the year. It took longer than expected for things to start moving but my phone started ringing in late January. I even expanded my search nationwide and came very close to landing a contract in Las Vegas.

The job that I have now was the result of two people that I worked with 18 years ago. One of them is the Product Development Manager at my current employer and remembered my work from all of those years ago. She had a project manager position come open and found out (through the other) that I was available. We went from talking about it to a formal offer in about a week.

In 22 years, I have gotten one job (very early on) as the result of responding to a newspaper ad. Every other job or contract that I’ve ever gotten was the result of knowing someone.

I figured out very early on, that every person you work with could help or hurt you later on in your career. I’ve always focused on developing positive relationships with my peers and it has served me well.

I regularly tell people that and would recommend that as the focus of any job search group that you are involved with.

Thanks for asking…I love to tell that story.

Hope you enjoyed Donnie’s story as much as I did.

Good luck and good hunting!


6 responses to “Never Burn Any Bridges (A Success Story)

  1. Matt – great story. Good for Donnie. This is kind of off subject, but I have really been enjoying the graphics you’re using for your blog!


  2. So true, so true. Thanks for the excellent advice you have provided to so many over the years.

  3. Definitely true, and sites like LinkedIn and Facebook have the technology to help us re-connect. The relationships still have to be there first though.

  4. I am currently networking within the company where I am currently a contract employee, trying to land a permanent position.
    I first networked with a close friend who works in the department I am trying to get into. She networked with her boss and he agreed to let me work on a project with my friend as contract.
    The short-term contract project soon grew to more responsibilities and has now been improved to “Until Further Notice.”
    This past week, I was invited to travel with her manager to meet other department heads that I am working with to develop a position within the company for my special expertise. We also visited suppliers that I will be supporting.
    The purpose of this trip was an active Networking trip to gain company acceptance of the hopeful new position.
    I learned a lot about the company and have been convinced they are a better company to work for than I ever imagined.
    I will have to let you know how things turn out in this intercompany networking venture.

    Dave Jolly

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