Two Tools You Can Use TODAY In Your Job-Search

swiss-army-knife1With the competitive nature of today’s job market the savvy job-seeker needs to find tools to give him the advantage. Here are two that you can use TODAY to assist in your search.

Search Within A Specific Website Utilizing the Site: Command

Google’s potential to find information on the web is almost limitless and the site: search operator allows you to specify that your search results from Google come from a given website. 

If you were wanting to call on a high level director or vice president within Dell and didn’t have a name here are a couple of examples of how to find them.

Start off by searching Dell’s site with Google utilizing the following search combination (director OR vp)


You can see that you get names from Dell’s website that are associated with those titles, of course you still have to find their contact information.

If you didn’t get the desired results with that search you could use a similar combination to search LinkedIn that actually searches both inside and outside of your network, (dell AND (director OR vp))



Recruiter’s are increasingly turning to search engines to find résumés but how do you end up in their cross hairs with out spending the money to buy a domain name and build a page? Now you can take advantage of the power of Google, Live, and other search sites by hosting your résumé as a website using Emurse (

Just like with LinkedIn, the basic features of Emurse are free with upgrades available. With a basic account Emurse allows you to create a vanity URL (in my case, monitor traffic to your resume, see how many times your résumé was viewed each day, how many times it was downloaded, and even receive emails each time your résumé is viewed.

Emurse profiles are indexed by the major search engines so once you have optimized your profile with keywords it can become a powerful personal marketing tool. Additionally, Emurse features job listings from Indeed and has a job-search contact list, a feature that might not be as useful for those already keeping one in another tool.

I am always interested to hear what others have to say about available tools and technologies so I took a look on LinkedIn Answers to see how people feel about Emurse. Here are a few of the responses –

Emurse (LI Answers)

Are you going to score the perfect job tomorrow because you started using one or both of these tools today? Chances are probably not (but you NEVER know). What they will do is give you a potential leg up on the competition and that is all you can ask for.

Good hunting and good luck!

3 responses to “Two Tools You Can Use TODAY In Your Job-Search

  1. Good stuff! Jobseekers can definitely benefit from this. I posted about it on my blog (co-written with Jim Stroud), The Job Search Strategist, at

    To your success,

    David B. Wright
    Author, Get A Job! Your Guide to Making Successful Career Moves

  2. Thanks so much for the link to RGttU!
    Matt LeBlanc

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