Improve Your Odds Of Being Found On Job-Boards

craps1One of the first things job-seekers do when then they start a new search is to go out to the large job-boards, create an account, and upload their résumé.  If created and managed correctly that practice can prove to be a productive way of getting your name out there but if done without caution and care it can turn into a unproductive nightmare.

With that in mind here are three things to do to help ensure that you make job boards work for you.

1)  Hide your phone number and last name.
When you post your résumé on a job-board and allow it to be searched you can be sure that you will be called by every financial services, insurance, and multilevel marketing company out there. If you are focusing on one of those areas that’s great, but if you are not it can definitely be a waste of time.

If remove your last name (leave your last initial) and phone number and leave only a dedicated email address then whoever is interested in you will have to email you to make the initial contact. To take privacy a step further, you might even consider listing your most recent (or current) employer as confidential.

The advantage of taking these steps is that it will allow you to do research on the company before responding (if you choose to do so), saving you the frustration of having to deal with phone calls that you do not want.

2)  Keywords, keywords, keywords.
When a recruiter goes on-line to search a job-boards résumé database the search is always keyword driven. There is not much I can promise you about the job-search but I can promise you that if you do not have the right keywords on your job-board résumé you will not show up in a search.

Take the time before you put your résumé together to do some research to learn what employers are seeking in your area and the most used words to describe those skills and functions. Plug those keywords into your document (you might even consider having a keyword section) and make sure you use them early and often.

As an added convinience for the recruiter, the majority of job boards rank candidates by how close of a keyword match they are and will also highlight the keyword in the résumé so the recruiter will have an easy time picking out which candidates are a best match.

3) Update it every 24 hours.
On the employer’s résumé search page you have the option to search résumés posted or updated within a certain period of time. As an example, most recruiters search the  résumés that have been posted within the past one to two days to make sure that they are getting the most active candidates.

To maximize your chances of being found log into your account every day, take a period off of your résumé, put it right back where it was, and then save your document. That will ensure that if you have the right keywords that you will show up in a search.

While I am not a fan of job-seekers spending hours each day logged on to job boards, I do think there is value in using those sites to gain some exposure. If done correctly, having your résumé available for search can lead to opportunities you might been been exposed to otherwise.

Good hunting and good luck!


11 responses to “Improve Your Odds Of Being Found On Job-Boards

  1. Excellent information Matt! This really adds value to the job search.

  2. Matt, thanks great insight. Also I’d like to validate should we be concerned job boards only accept the first page of an uploaded resume. Is this a common thread with job boards?

  3. Matt – you are truly an awesome person to give so much to people in the Job search mode. I look forward to meeting you some day! The advice is always helpful and on target.

  4. In your opinion what are the 5 best job-boards website to use?

  5. Donna L. Miller

    Thank you Matt!
    I never thought of doing that, before, but it makes sense.

  6. Thanks Matt! You are continually providing great practical advice for the job hunt. Many thanks!

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  9. Matt – Thank you! I hope to get to meet you in person one day. Thanks for the great article.

  10. Matt, great article. Truly an oldy but a goody. Can we add that in the privious 2-5yrs the social media explosion has challenged the ole single “ job boards” to remain relivant in a new day of professional branding via the web. Websites that now talk together, or “Sync”, have created a not so new place where resumes themselves, can climb to the top of a typical keyword search result stack, by becoming more of a “professional profile/brand” in 3D. Though not easy, this can be done by, at the minimum, increasing your linkedin alga rythms and syncing the big 3: FB, @IN and Twitter, to the same spot, be it your professional website and/or your linkedin profile page. Thanks for sharing,
    @BenefitsMyke in FL

  11. I have received most of the calls I have gotten from Recruiters from resume’s I have posted on Job Boards not for individual jobs. I have noticed that the majority of calls are based on the resume posted on Career Builder. I have also posted mine on Indeed.
    Thank you for the advice on reposting the resume regularly. I hadn’t thought of that.

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