Sourcing Opportunities (Online Job Search)

iStock_000005808627SmallIn today’s job-search world it’s unfortunate that the Internet rules, even though it is not a very effective way to land an opportunity. Since most job-seekers will never change their habits and focus on networking it is important to understand how to best incorporate online search into your job-search plan (notice I did not say consume your job-search plan).

Here are a few things  to consider to help improve your time spent online –


  • Everybody knows about CareerBuilder, Monster and HotJobs so we are not going to beat that dead horse anymore. Instead we are going to focus on several other places you should be looking for opportunities.
  • Indeed( and SimplyHired ( are two of the many job-search aggregators out there that index a huge number of job sites, including corporate employment pages, newspapers and Craigslist then makes the jobs searchable based on keyword(s) and (optionally) location.
  • LinkUp (www.linkup.comis a unique job search engine that lists jobs taken directly from over 16,000 company websites (no third party recruiter postings). Some of the jobs posted here could otherwise be difficult to find because they are typically unadvertised outside of company websites.
  • Search agents are a great way to keep up with what is getting posted on a continual basis to save you a lot of time and energy. Most job-boards allow you to adjust your settings within your account to have job-alerts emailed to you on a daily or weekly basis.


  • LinkedInhas a very useful job function ( that is powered by SimplyHired and allows you to search thousands of job listings that can be searched using keywords, title, company, and location.
  • Professional association sites (both local and national) are a great way to find opportunities. Many allow their members to post jobs (or have jobs posted) for free. The real advantage here is that all of the jobs will relate to the profession that the association focuses on.
  • TweetMyJOBS is a very interesting service that brings recruiters/employers and job seekers together on Twitter. The site has established Twitter channels for major cities and job types and once you create accounts on both job openings can be set to either be texted to your cell phone or emailed to your Twitter account.
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter status updates can be used in any number of ways, including to source opportunities. There are many companies that utilize all three to get information (including their job openings – click here and here for companies and here for recruiters that you should follow on Twitter).
  • Google is a great place to search for opportunities. You can search out niche job boards, organizations in your area, recruiters, and a host of other things that would benefit a search. In addition, there are a set of Google search functions (click here for more information) that you can use to find specifically what you are looking for.


  • LinkedIn’s JobsInsider is a great tool to use to utilize your network in your online search. Read our previous post about JobsInsider here.
  • Boolean search is an effective way of searching through vast amounts of information built on a method of logic developed by 19th century English mathematician George Boole. Today, Boolean search techniques can be used to carry out effective searches, cutting out many unrelated documents and most online databases and search engines support Boolean searches. For more information on Boolean works and how to use in your search, click here.

Again, I am not a big fan of online job-search as it is less effective than other methods but do feel it should be a minor part of your plan to find work as long as its done when everyone else is asleep.

Now its your turn to contribute. Where do you go online to find potential job postings – leave a comment and lets see how comprehensive a list we can generate. Look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Until then, good hunting and good luck!

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17 responses to “Sourcing Opportunities (Online Job Search)

  1. Very helpful advice. One should also not forget about optimizing your resume to yield the best result… You can use all the resources above, and if your resume isn’t optimized, it is going into a database that it will never come out of again.

    • I agree. Optimizing one’s resume is critical in this job market. I am a CEO for a background screening firm, Compliant Background Screening Partners, LLC and we have seen a huge increase in our VerifiedResume product. In this economy, many employers are jumping at the opportunity to hire somebody whose credentials are verified by a well – known, reputable screening firm. Not only does it save them time of getting the new hire in the door, it gets the new hire a pay-check quicker and saves the hiring entity money on a background check.
      Great blog!

  2. Really helpful thanks, a great blog that aggregates all the aggregates, is there a word for that?

  3. As always Matt, Great Advice!!!

  4. My best source of networking for actually getting phone and on site interviews has been through Linked In Groups, where recruiters post opportunities, or even had recruiter find me through LinkedIn which also led to an interview. Career Builder actually works when used to target positions that are either local/regional so that you are immediately available and/or where you (and your similarly targeted Resume) are very well and specifically matched to the position – I have gotten calls, etc. with that.

  5. Matt, as always you provide us jobseekers with great information. Thank you!

  6. Hello Mr. LeBlanc,

    I found a great site for my specific field which may or may not help those of another field. It is called Creative Heads. I am not sure if it is .com or .net but it has some fabulous job postings. Also thinking of places that hold the type of jobs I want and going directly to their site is a more direct way to get your resume in front of that company. I am still trying my hand at networking. I am working on setting up my next meetings. I was wondering if there are transition groups in Hermitage as I can’t drive all the way to Brentwood now. Thank you.

  7. Thanks Matt….your insights are always good…..It would seem important to me to note that the employers appear to sincerely want candidates to use the Internet for job inquiries….for sure I am working as many contacts as I can collect and scratching every door to see if someone inside will help me to get an audience with a hiring manager, but it is uncanny how I am getting many replies, even from close contacts, indicating that I need to go to the company website and simply make application via the internet…I have noted that several positions that I have applied to have not yet been filled, by anyone…on the job boards and per inside connections…a lot of companies are sitting on their budgets, waiting for a trigger of some kind….I know they have received ample applications from a multitude of qualified candidates. I guess the real problem is there are too few positions and too many candidates.

    regards, JK

  8. We recently launched Zoosa ( as a single destination for all social enterprise resources: news, blogs, tweets, jobs, & professional skills-based volunteer opportunities. Thanks to our partners, we already have 900+ opportunities in the clean-tech, education, government, and non-profit sectors.

    I would love to hear your feedback if you have a few minutes to explore the site!


  9. Greetings ..

    I found a great site for more
    real time jobs compared to most of the other job sites that
    the jobs are re-submitted every day.

    My self .. I have actual have written a Job search tool
    that writes the custom searches in URL code.

    I use the following job search sites

    craigslist (Yes, up to 5 different searches)

    Regards .. JZ

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  11. John H Steinberg

    Your caveats are right. Responding to these job boards feels like you’re doing something, but usually the result is … waiting. I’ve been at this 8 months and have gotten exactly one phone interview. and i write really nice tailored cover letters.

    conclusion: 80% networking and 20% responding to job boards. and when you do send in a resume, presume that you are just an electronic speck. many of these folks don’t have the courtesy to acknowledge receipt. be sure to get a receipt because it may not have landed. also, go after the hiring manager and ignore “don’t call” advice. better to ask forgiveness than permission. it shows you stand out

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  13. Great post – not sure if anyone has mentioned – but you might check them out and can also follow them on Twitter. There is also Job Concierge that you can follow on Twitter.

    Good luck!
    Robin Ogden

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  15. Thanks for the website suggestions. I agree that it is helpful to get out and network…we are too condisitoned to sitting behind a computer and relying on it as our soul source for landing a career/job.

    In addition to my career search I started a blod today as a theraputic release…lol…hopefully soem good tips can come out of that.

    Check it out:

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