Finding A Positive In A Negative

When you are in a difficult situation it is very easy to dwell on the negatives and not focus on anything positive. Over the last week, several career-seekers in the Nashville, TN area were asked to come up with a positive in their time of transition and here is what they said –

My name is Ron Niebuhr and I am looking for an engineering position to use my in-depth experience in Lean Continuous Improvements, Six Sigma, Kaizen Improvements, Project Management, Quality auditing, Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Process Engineering

The positives that have come out of my time of transition are that I am more humble, know that God has a plan for each of us, and start the day by reading at least two chapters in the Bible. 

You can check my LinkedIn profile at or search Ron Niiebuhr.


My name is Tom Murrah and I am looking for a position wherein I can use my Service Management skills to lead a team of technically-oriented individuals and mold them into a world-class service organization that builds relationships with our customers and always has them coming back for more.

One positive result from this time in career transition has been the need to make a thorough evaluation of my life’s priorities and determine what I want to do going forward. The evaluation has been positive and I am ready for my next opportunity.

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My name is Joyce Friedman and I am looking for a high level communications position. 

This transitional time has allowed me to step back and ‘reinvent’ myself so I have started my own consulting company, Friedman Communications, which specializes in media relations and web site development to strategic communications marketing and branding.

You can check out my Linked In profile at


My name is Peter Mancini and I am seeking a Business or Military Intelligence opportunity. 

A couple of positives that have come out my time of career transition are that I have discovered an entire world of entrepreneurial spirit and have met the most interesting people by networking.  It has been a huge learning opportunity and I’ve met people from around the world and have decided that this current time is one when we can and must take the greatest chances and make the greatest transformation.

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My name is Rick Austin and I am seeking a Call Center Management opportunity.

One positive thing that has come out my time of career transition is the chance to meet with and share experiences with new people.

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My name is Brian VanderMey and I am seeking a Marketing/Advertising opportunity. 

One positive thing that has come out of my time of career transition is that I have learned that I am not defined by my job; I have grown in my own personal identity.  This independence removes the tendency towards desperation and makes me able to focus on the positions that best fit my set of skills.

You can check out my LinkedIn profile at


My name is Alicia Heyman and I am seeking freelance and contract graphic design and web design opportunities.

One positive thing that has come out my time of career transition is the opportunity to go back to school and get training in the areas I needed to fill holes in my skill set.

You can check my LinkedIn profile at


My name is Nori Sigismond and I am seeking a full-time finance/accounting position and also some freelance Japanese translation opportunities.

One positive thing that has come out my time of career transition is that I was able to broaden my network of friends both professionally and socially – I met many helpful and inspiring people.

You can check my LinkedIn profile at


My name is Jerry Meyer and I am seeking a finance/accounting/auditing opportunity.

One positive thing that has come out my time of career transition is that I have learned to put all of my trust in God and check my ego at the door.  God has truly been good to me and to my family during this time and I look forward to seeing what His plan is for my future.

You can check my LinkedIn profile at


My name is Jim Pruitt and I am a Six Sigma Black Belt seeking an opportunity in operations management and bring extensive experience in supply chain management, inventory control, SAP, ISO 9001 / 2000 and process improvement.

One positive thing that has come out my time of career transition is my faith in the Lord has given me a new perspective and I know he will provide for me.  Stay patient because he is to his plan, not ours.

You can check my LinkedIn profile at


My name is Kate James, and I am seeking an operations management opportunity.

A few positives that have come out my time of career transition is the generosity of spirit and time of those involved with the Nashville Career Transition Support Group, knowing that character grows and shapes in adversity, not success, time to volunteer at local charities, time to exercise, and time to dream and think………….what if?

You can checkout my LinkedIn profile at


My name is Michael Pocchiari and I am seeking a human resources opportunity.

One positive thing that has come out my time of career transition is being able to meet, make friends and help other people in transition.

You can check my LinkedIn profile at

I hope you enjoyed everybody’s thoughts on their transition as much as I did and I appreciate the openness of those that were willing to share.


My name is Stephanie Huffman and I am seeking to make a career out of motivational and public speaking.

One positive thing that has come out my time of career transition is I was finally able to finish and publish a book that I have been working on since February, 2007.

You can check my LinkedIn profile at

When you are in between opportunities there are a lot of potential positives waiting to be uncovered if you will open yourself to them – they can be family focused, faith focused, self-focused, or even community focused.

I would encourage you to try to find a positive in your situation and dwell on that rather than the negative – it will help you keep a positive attitude which will help your chances of landing your next opportunity.

Until next time, good hunting and good luck!


14 responses to “Finding A Positive In A Negative

  1. The job market was horrible for me,so while I was in transition I returned to my education. In the beginning I was unable to see this, but because of an internship within my Master’s program I have been able to find employment that is so enjoyable that I can’t wait to get to work every day. There is light at the end of the tunnel, even if you can’t see it AND it just may be brighter than you could ever have imagined. Keep your head up!!!
    Connect with me on LinkedIn:

  2. My name is Richard Beard and I am seeking an IT Audit or IT Management opportunity.

    One positive thing that has come out my time of career transition is it has given me time to step back and think about what I really like to do and I have enjoyed doing some freelance work in those areas. It has also been a blessing to be with my family more.

    You can check my LinkedIn profile at

  3. Heather Hartsog

    As I read this, it seems there is a common theme. We’ve all taken a step back to figure out what is REALLY important. Putting the job before family or my health didn’t give me an advantage when it came time for re-alignment. So while I’m looking, I’m taking into consideration how a position will impact my life. Will I have down time to enjoy myself or will I be on-call 24 x 7? Will I have the opportunity to mentor or will I be so busy that I barely have time to sleep? Although beggers can’t be choosers in this economy, I do put a lot of thought into the positions I am applying for.

    • Hello, Heather,

      I love that term you used. “re-alignment” I have found that if I get down on myself, or if others around me are unhappy, angry, or frustrated with their own lives, it is a signal to me that my life in some way is out of balance. There are several ways I try to change my behavior to get that spring back in my step, or that smile back on my face. These are the ways I have found to be beneficial to my well-being:

      1. I go outside and take a walk. Yesterday, was my son’s last day of “freedom” before starting high school. I took him to a park near where we live. We rented a pedal go-cart and he rode it around the river. It was such an uplifting experience to see him so happy. I walked around the river and took some notes about my surroundings. It is amazing how just some different scenery can change your outlook on life. Many happy experiences have happened at that park over the years. Because my son is older now, I don’t go to the park as often as we used to go. However, after the visit yesterday, I think I will be trying to spend more time there. It may seem odd to take notes while walking at the park, but I am working on writing a book and because some of the events I am writing about happened at that park, I decided it would be a good idea to have more information about it.

      2. Another activity which helps me get my life balanced is reading. I am not a very fast reader, but that’s okay. I either borrow books from people, or I go to our local library and check out positive books. In many ways, I believe you are what you think, so if you feed your mind positive messages and read encouraging stories it can’t help but have a positive impact on you.

      3. A third technique I use to keep me in balance is I write. As I mentioned before I am writing a book. Writing helps me feel better about myself because it helps me restore my emotions and feelings to a positive state. There have been some horrible things that have happened in our lives as parents. However, much of life is how you view the situations and circumstances life offers you.

      4. Attending networking meetings and events also helps. I am very attracted to positive, energetic people. I think each person has something to offer to beneift others, and I seek the people out who are willing to share and offer encouragment.

      5. I try to attend church each Sunday. I am not judgemental in that way. I am not saying my religion is better than anyone elses. I am simply saying I find peace and tranquility in a church setting. Singing the hymns also gives me energy because it feels good to me.

      I encourage you to find some things in your life that make you happy and to continue to spend at least some time doing those activities. In my opinion, life is too short to be miserable.

      Take care,

      Jim Horrell –

  4. My name is Barbara Mathieson and I am looking for a new career after being laid off from the publishing industry. I have an interest in the environment and would like to be a recycling coordinator for a company.

    I’ve tried my hand at commission sales since I was terminated last year from my job. I am enjoying it as I can work as little or as much as I want.

    My linked in profile is at

  5. My name is Cheryl Townsel and I am looking for grant writing and related consulting opportunities with not-for-profit and mission driven companies (especially health and/or fitness related).

    There have been surprisingly many positives out of the negative experience of unemployment/career transition . . . it’s been difficult to isolate one. However, I think a key positive is that this transition has afforded me the opportunity and freedom to explore other interests and talents and so I’ve been teaching dance during this transition and truly enjoy it as a “ministry” as I have the JOY of seeing smiling happy faces at the end of class!

    My profile is contained here: and here

    My linked in profile is at

  6. My name is Rodney Cooley; I am a supervisor looking to facilitate the quality operations of a company and use my knowledge and skills to further a company’s efforts to reach its manufacturing/distribution goals.

    One positive thing that has hopefully happened during this tranisition time is that I have helped show that professionals with disabilities have many talents that can benefit a company (I am hard of hearing).

    My LinkedIn profile is at and my Twitter page is at

  7. My area of expertise is behavioral health and I am seeking a position with a health system as an executive level administrator.

    This time in transition has helped me to grow both personally and professionally. Additionally, my confidence has never been better and my career goals have not ever been clearer.

    My profile is here:

  8. My name is Kathy Rose. I am a results-driven market research expert. I am looking for “on-demand” opportunities to help Consumer Packaged Goods companies discover the hidden nuggets of consumer behavior within their research data and turn these into treasures of insights that lead to increased sales and profits.

    I have found several very positive aspects of this period of transition including
    1. Meeting many wonderful people
    2. Having time to volunteer
    3. Becoming active in professional organizations
    4. Reflecting on what I really want to do, not what others think I should do
    5. Having the nerve to start my own consulting business

  9. My name is Judy Tomsovic. I’m seeking a Controller position in a small to mid-size firm in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. My background includes extensive experience in manufacturing, but I’ve recently transitioned to software distribution. I believe my skills are transferable across industries.

    The most positive thing that has come out of my transition is that I’ve been forced out of my shell. I’ve had to MAKE myself go out there and network with real people, not just sit behind my computer 10 hours a day. I’ve gotten involved in several professional and volunteer organizations at various levels, and it turns out I have a flair for certain aspects of training and team-building. I’m having FUN, and I think I’m helping people, too!

    Check out my LinkedIn profile at:

    • Hello, Judy,

      I was happy to read that one positive in your life that has resulted from your career transition time was that it helped you to come out of your shell. I have experienced the same thing. Although it was difficult for several months to feel comfortable talking to people, I now find that each person I meet is a treasure of experience and almost everyone is very willing to help.

      Our son has had 5 heart surgeries as well as other medical operations. We feel very blessed that he is stable now and he is ready to enter high school next week. It was very difficult coping with the surgeries, however as I look back at the experience, we met some very nice people we otherwise would not have met.

      Similarly, when I was laid off from my software development position in October, 2008, I also felt the same numbness and uncertainty as when we learned our son would require several surgeries throughout his life. From previous experience, I learned that adversity builds strength.

      Although I am still currently looking for a position, I have started to write a book. The book writing process has also been very rewarding. The sharing process is very liberating as well as build self-confidence. Although being unemployed initially was a very difficult and painful time for me. I can truly say there have been some definite benefits.

      Please take care, and send me a response when you have a chance.

      Thank you,

      Jim Horrell –

      • Judy Tomsovic

        Hi Jim —

        Wow, what a trial for you, your family and mostly your son! I’m so glad for you all that he is stable and entering high school. I have a son, too — he’s just started Kindergarten — and so far he’s been very healthy. We’re very lucky in that respect, and also because we have family close by to lend emotional support and help during my unemployment. (I’m a single mom.)

        I’d be interested to read your book when it’s finished. Or let me know if you need any help with proof-reading and/or editing of initial drafts. I’m pretty good at that stuff and it’s not like I have a lot to do these days! (Although looking for work is actually pretty dang hard.)

        Take care,

        Judy T.

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  11. Nice thing to do – and a great way to get these peoples’ info up in an encouraging way.

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