It Got Up at the Count of Nine (Six Signs the Economy is Coming Back)

By now most areas of the county have started to see the economy improving and jobs FINALLY starting to come back. Based on the following six things (all Nashville, TN centric) the economy seems to have litteraly gotten up at the count of nine (read this post to see some of what caused the current mess). 

1) Perm jobs vs contract jobs. In the recruiting world when the economy is sour the number of contract positions spikes and when the economy is good the number of perm jobs does the same. Over the last few months we have seen perm opps making a strong comeback and that definitely bodes well for the economy.

2) Job postings. Outside of the recruiting work that I do I also help lead a couple of Nashville, TN based career transition groups and over the last two to three months in particular the number of QUALITY jobs that employers and recruiters have asked us to network has increased dramatically.

3) Career group graduates. Along those same lines (career groups) the number of people who have graduated (landed new roles) has spiked over the last couple of months. One of the groups in particular which was seeing as many as 150 per week when the recession was at its worst is down to our normal (around 75 per week) attendance.

4) The word on the street. In the recruiting world one of the best conversation starters is to ask how business is going and right now the word seems to finally be that there are a good number of ‘closable’ opportunities.

5) The number of recruiters being hired. A day hardly goes by without a contact in the recruiting world asking if I know a good recruiter who is looking for a new gig. The only time that happens is when recruiting organizations (both corporate and third-party) are looking to have to find some candidates.

6) The number of calls candidates are getting is sky-rocketing. It seems like over the past couple of weeks the number of calls the candidates I am working with receives on a daily basis is going through the roof. Typically, recruiters work the phone heaviest when there is money to be made.

It is important to realize that my world and reach is very small in the grand scheme of things – I look forward to you ‘reporting in’ on what you are seeing in your neck of the woods!

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!

For more information on our Nashville, TN based career groups you can log onto the following sites:


Nashville Career Transition LinkedIn Group 

Nashville Career Transition Facebook Group

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Nashville IT Career Network on LinkedIn (IT SPECIFIC)
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One response to “It Got Up at the Count of Nine (Six Signs the Economy is Coming Back)

  1. Matt,

    As you know most of my work is 90% national level and 10% international in the recruiting world. I am seeing the same thing on the national level, but still slow on the international level. I also see more mid-level management roles coming back which are the first to go in a down turn.

    I enjoy the blog.

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