16 Thoughts On Improving Your Search (+ One Bit of Parenting Advice)

Here lately I have been thinking a lot about job-search related issues and wanted to share 16 quick thoughts with you plus one bit of parenting advice that I hope every parent will take to heart. But before we get there I wanted to share some advice that I live by on a daily basis and that applies whether you are looking for a job or not.

  1. Only apply to jobs if you are sincerely INTERESTED IN and QUALIFIED (meet at least 75% of what the company is looking) for the job
  2. Soaps, Dr. Phil and Oprah SHOULD NOT BE part of your daily routine in your job-search.
  3. Sitting in front of a computer for five hours a day is NOT the way to find a job. All of your computer work should be done before or after the close of business.
  4. The good news is that there is a job out there for you. The bad news is that you actually have to work to get it.
  5. If you are currently between opportunities you need to realize that you don’t have as much leverage in salary negotiations as if you were employed.
  6. If you don’t have a plan for your job-search and someone to hold you accountable to that plan don’t expect to get any where fast.
  7. If you are not making networking phone calls EVERY DAY and not reaching out to new people EVERY DAY you have no room to complain that your job-search is stalled.
  8. If you feel that you are doing all that you can and there is nothing developing in your job-search take a look at how you are doing things and all of the intangibles (attitude, presentation, what you going after in relation to your skill set, etc)
  9. A few things on references:
         – Do your references know that they are your references (have you gotten their permission)?
         –  Have you spoken to them this week (if not, how do you know they still like you)?
         – You need to let you references know if they are going to be called (who, why, what, how, etc)
  10. You need to track EVERYTHING you do in your job search ESPECIALLY who your résumé gets submitted to
  11. It is of great benefit to you to get involved with professional associations during and after your job search
  12. Do NOT change your salary expectations mid search – they need to stay consistent.
  13. You need to know what it is you want to do (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) – if you don’t know what you want to do how can anyone else help you find it
  14. You need to have AT LEAST FIVE specific, concrete examples of why a company should hire you
  15. You need to know ALL of the key words and experiences needed for the positions you are seeking
  16. Just because you are a great fit for a position skill wise does not mean you are a great fit personality wise


Now for the one bit of parenting advice (I know that this might upset some of you but it needs to be said) –

If you have children in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and yes, even 50s they CAN and NEED to conduct their own job search with out you taking control of it. It is perfectly fine to help them along but they need to take responsibility for what they do in their search. Here are a few examples (all of these things have happened):

  • If a phone call needs to be made THEY can make it (yes even to someone they don’t know)
  • If an email needs to be sent, THEY can send it
  • If they have an interview you do NOT need to show up with them
  • If they do not get the job you do NOT need to call to find out why
  • If negotiations need to happen you do NOT need to call the hiring manager to do it for them

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!



4 responses to “16 Thoughts On Improving Your Search (+ One Bit of Parenting Advice)

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  2. Excellent feedback. I got cut from my job at a large computer corporation this week. Last night I decided to contact my out-of-work brother Jonathan and be accountability partners together until we both find a job. This page was GREAT confirmation!

    Thanks for pulling this together,

  3. This is an fantastic list of tips. Any job seeker would find them very useful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great advice! I’ll be sharing this with my clients. Thanks Matt!

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