Throw Your Wants Out the Window if You Want to Ace an Interview

Many who are looking for jobs go into every day of their search concerned about their wants and needs in a job, take that same attitude into an interview, and then wonder why they are not getting offers.

Generally in an interview, a prospective employer could really care less about your wants and needs – sure, they will ask what you are looking for, what you enjoy, and may even ask what you are passionate about but at the end of the day they really only care about following things:

  • How can you help make them money, more efficient, retain and/or expand their customer base, or increase their market share?
  • How can you make the hiring manager look really good to his bosses?
  • How can you make the job of the other team members easier?
  • How can you help make them better than the competition?

As a job-seeker, if you cannot answer those four questions and answer them well don’t expect an offer from that (or any) organization any time soon.

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!



3 responses to “Throw Your Wants Out the Window if You Want to Ace an Interview

  1. Employee with Wants

    This is just untrue. You removed my other comment? Insecure?

    But this is untrue. No one should want to work for a place like this.

    • Thanks for reading – I do appreciate it.

      A couple of thoughts on your comment here:

      1) If you have a skillset that is so in demand that you could dress up like a pirate and still land the job good for you – you are in a good spot. I can think of a handfull of jobs that would allow you to only care about what you want.

      2) If you are someone who has been out of work for 3, 6, 9. or even 12 months you are not in as good a spot as someone with a skillset as described in point one and need to focus on employer wants.

      3) If you are so in-demand why are you reading a blog about searching for a job?

  2. Matt – Four great questions. I would add a fifth – Why should I hire you over other highly qualified applicants? If you know your unique talents and strengths, you can walk out with a job!

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