Are Soap Operas Killing Your Career & How Tim McGraw Can Save It

This morning I was doing some thinking where all great men think, the bathroom, and it hit me – The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, and all of the other soaps out there are killing your job-search and the only hero that can save the day is Tim McGraw.

I know, I know, it seems ridiculous but think about it – in the soaps you have (insert any character here) that dies, comes back three shows later; disappears, comes back three shows later; loses a body part, has it back three shows later. Many people treat their job-search the same way – no matter how much they abuse it, ignore it, or abandon it things will be fine a few days later.

Now here is where Tim McGraw comes in (I’m not a huge fan of his music but ironically enough this is the second post we have had with one of his songs in it). A few years back he had a song called “Live Like You Were Dying” which explored what a person did when they found out they had a short time left to live.

If you went to the job-search ‘doctor’ and he said your search has one week to come to a conclusion (and will not show up three episodes later) or your career is done for how would you spend your time? On a job board? With a recruiter? networking? Cold calling? At a career fair?

I bet you would spend your time doing what all the experts say works best wouldn’t you? If you aren’t already why aren’t you doing that as part of your search?

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Until next time – good hunting and good luck!



2 responses to “Are Soap Operas Killing Your Career & How Tim McGraw Can Save It

  1. Do I remember the song “Live like you are dying”? Of course I do! Anything to save you from the depressing grip of watching soap operas! Now back to Jerry Springer 🙂

  2. Without naming the 1230pm soap series with the best plots and actors and still going after thirty plus years while so many others are gone,this post was stupid., Lots of jobseekers vs. few good job openings. We can’t all stress out at work so either have Faith Hill or Eric Braeden entertain us while we wait for a better opportunity.

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