Wanna Be A Job-Search Pro? Pay Attention to Moms Everywhere.

My wife is an amazing woman – I think anyone who has ever met her would agree with that. She puts up with me, keeps our house organized and running, does an amazing job with our three boys, and works harder in one day than I work in a week.

After really thinking about all she (and moms everywhere) do on a daily basis it hit me that all you have to do to find a job is to follow their lead.

Mom’s can always make something of nothing. Whether it be an excellent dinner from leftovers or making up a new game on a rainy day Mom’s can make the ordinary extraordinary, and the worst situation seem like the best ever.

Job-search take away: Make sure to make every attempt to make something out of every conversation, every networking event, and every relationship (new and old) while searching for work.

Mom’s always have the right answer. Mom’s know what to say all the time and in any situation and their word is as good (if not better) than gold.

Job-search take away: For any networking or interview situation you find yourself in do the preliminary work beforehand to be like Mom (ie always have the right answer).

Mom’s are always remembered in a positive way. How many people with a Dad tattoo on their arms? Enough said.

Job-search take away: The job-search process is all about politicking. Do it well and you are half way home, do it poorly and you will be looking for a well.

Mom’s want the best for you. Mom’s always put others ahead of themselves, even if it means missing out on a fun night out or their favorite show (well, maybe except Grey’s Anatomy in the LeBlanc household). 

Job-search take away: When you are looking for a job you need to consider a potential employer’s needs before your own (until it is time to negotiate) as your sole responsibility is to worry about and figure out how you will make the company money and make the hiring manager look good.

Hope we gave you one more reason to thank your Mom on Mother’s Day – helping you find a new job.

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!



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