The Question Song, Recruiter Style

Tom Wilson, the guy who played Biff on the Back to the Future movies, is a stand up comedian who has one of my favorite ‘comedy songs’ ever – The Question Song (see below) and it got me to thinking about the most common questions that I get as a recruiter.

Having been in the recruiting business for several years it seems like I have been asked the questions that go with these answers a million times –

  1. No, recruiters cannot ‘find’ you a job, we are paid by companies to find you
  2. If you want to get down to it my client is the hiring manager, not the job-seeker
  3. Yes, I have a heart for people who are looking for work but there is only a small percentage of job-seekers that I can truly help (outside of giving some advice to them)
  4. Most recruiters specialize in a particular area, mine is IT
  5. If you are looking to switch careers I am not the best person to talk to (at lease in my day job)
  6. No, I will not give you the name of the hiring managers I work with
  7. In most cases employers are only interested in paying me to find people that are currently doing what they are looking for (ie currently working doing the same exact job)
  8. Yes, I do have a lot of connections on LinkedIn (most recruiters do) and no I will not forward your referral request without a compelling reason (most people will not)
  9. No, I will not tell you all of the companies I work with
  10. Yes, it is important that you track exactly where your résumé has gone and who you have interviewed with
  11. No, I would not go to a recruiter if I was looking for a job right now, I would use networking as my main tool
  12. No, being on LinkedIn will not tell your hiring manager that you are looking for work
  13. Yes, Twitter is becoming more and more important and yes I do use Facebook as a recruiting tool

Now that we have that cleared up, how can I assist you in your search?

Until next time, good hunting and good luck!



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