Are You Madonna or Some No Name Artist?

I was having lunch with Jen Way (job-search and recruiting trainer extraordinaire) a couple of weeks ago and we ended up talking for a couple of minutes about Madonna and other artists like her that might not have the best voice or the most talent but do a phenomenal job marketing themselves and create an unmatched stage persona. 

That got me to thinking – in your job-function and industry are you like Madonna (respected, known, sought after) or are you a no name artist that is talented but often looked over and still trying to get the power-players attention?

Here are a few lessons you can learn from Madonna and celebrities everywhere:

  • If you look important online  and have something interesting to say others will be attracted to you and want to see what happens next (utilize LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to your advantage and learn the ins and outs of how to market through them)
  • If you are an innovator in your area and are willing to let others share in your knowledge you will become a go to resource (start a blog and put your thoughts and ideas out there and then market the heck out of it)
  • Study what has made other similar people in your area succesful and learn from them as much as possible (networking)
  • Be seen at all of the right places, functions, and events (join and/or attend professional associations and organizations and step up and volunteer at them)

Right now you get to make the decision on who you want to be. Do you want to stand in someone else’s shadow forever or do you want people in your function/industry to aspire to be you?

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!


5 responses to “Are You Madonna or Some No Name Artist?

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  2. Great article, Matt. Madonna constantly reinvents herself. This is a great lesson for job seekers. Freshen up your skills. Bring some new value to the table. Is it your social networking skills? Knowledge of recent trends in your industry? What is something new and complimentary you can add to what you already offer a potential employer?

    • You and I spoke about the fact that everything can be made into a blog post and made it a mission to pull something out of the conversation to write about 🙂

      Great job at TANS the other day!

  3. Good points Matt – it really is all about marketing and selling yourself. I continue to be amazed, for instance, at how behind I am at utilizing the power of social media. I’m committing to a much deeper grasp of the key tools (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn) for obvious reasons. Caught the tail end of the Twitter Webinar – excellent! Looking forward to watching it from the beginning. GREAT resource, thanks for alerting us to it…

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