My Scarlet ‘H’, A Hip-Hop Dancer Without Legs, & Your Search

Several months ago I (felt like I) was branded with a scarlet H (standing for HATES JOB-SEEKERS) for posting a challenge to folks looking for work in the Nashville, TN area and never really planned on making it into a job post until recently.

What makes the whole thing interesting (at least to me) is that the idea to bring it out of the dungeon was inspired by a video clip I saw an ‘India’s Got Talent’ contestant who is an incredible dancer despite the challenges he faces.

Here’s the full story:

I have been heavily involved in helping people with their careers on a professional and volunteer basis for over eight years now and one of the biggest areas of opportunity for people who are looking for work is to break from the norm and do something different.

A few months ago I wrote the message below and sent it out via a Yahoo group to job-seekers in and around the Nashville area. Many took exception to it and had a very negative reaction. People said that I have no idea what’s it like to look for work (not true), no idea what its like to be introverted (not true), that there were no opportunities in the marketplace (not true), that I hated job-seekers (not true) and other things that are not safe to repeat in a ‘PG’ environment.

Here’s the post:

An ongoing conversation that I have with a few others that work in different career transition groups, career centers, etc. is that 99.9% of the people who are looking for work do not put any of the practical advice that they receive into practice (and yes, that probably includes you).

Based on that, my challenge for you is this – QUIT complaining that you do not have a job and QUIT saying you are giving it your all (to both yourself and others) unless you are spending the majority of your time working a structured networking process that includes making calls and meeting with people.

Everything you read, hear, see, touch, smell, and taste about job-search says that networking is most effective and it kills me that you (and everyone else) take that in and then go right back to doing nothing but  answering ads.

If you have read and heard about networking and do not know how to work a structured networking campaign SHAME ON YOU because you can do a Google search on anything and get some good information if you will put the time in.

If you say that you do not know anybody SHAME ON YOU because there are too many FREE opportunities every week in which you can meet people.

If you say that you cannot or will not work a structured networking process SHAME ON YOU because you will probably not land a job any time soon.

I know this will sound harsh but if you are not giving it your all (i.e. networking) I really can have no sympathy for you and your situation (with very few exceptions).

Folks – this is a wakeup call. If you really want to get back to work do what
works and quit doing what hasn’t.

To help get you started (and I hope you will) you can check out THIS blog post that will go over a lot of the basics of how to conduct a networking campaign.


A bit harsh? Yes.

Could it have been worded a bit differently? Probably.

Honest? Absolutely.

After all of the fuss died down about what was said I decided to not let that post see the light of day but then I saw the video below and decided that a challenge to job-seekers was in order again because of this guy can overcome the challenges he faces you can overcome any challenge you might face in terms of networking.

There is no reason as to why networking cannot be a part of a job-search. The guy in the video has had to endure things in his life that I would imagine that most of us could not even fathom and he was able to overcome them to learn a pretty amazing skill.

If he can overcome his challenges then so can you!

Until next time, good hunting and good luck


One response to “My Scarlet ‘H’, A Hip-Hop Dancer Without Legs, & Your Search

  1. A couple of years ago I read a book called something like “It’s Called Work For a Reason.”

    The basic premise was very similar to the idea of your post, i.e., take some responsibility for your life and do something about it and stop whining. I am reminded of the GEICO commercial with the drill sergeant as the therapist. I think maybe our whole country needs a tissue box thrown at it.

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