Four Recruiters, One Night, Lots Of Excellent Advice

This Monday (5/9/11) at the Monday night career transition group I help lead in Nashville we had four top-notch recruiters join us for a panel discussion.

They included Tam Singer from OHL, Brooke Hulette from Verizon Wireless, Lindsay Dycus from Shoemaker Financial, and Delmont Jones from Alltech, Inc. and they fielded questions on  every job-search imaginable topic from interviewing to résumés to LinkedIn and networking.

Here are some of the highlights:

Hiring & Candidate Volume

  • The are all hiring and staying very busy with openings which is excellent news.
  • Brooke from Verizon had the highest candidate volume (seeing as many as 1,100 résumés PER WEEK)  and Lindsay from Shoemaker had the lowest candidate volume (seeing about 150 résumés a month).

Résumés & Cover Letters

  • All of the panelists agreed that a cover letter should be used to supplement a résumé and should be included IN THE BODY of an email and not as an attachment.
  • All four agreed that you should not go back more than 10-15 years into your work history to focus on what you have done recently and focus on what is relevant.
  • All four agreed that the appearance, grammar, and spelling in a candidates résumé matters and can help separate if two candidates are neck and neck.
  • It was brought up that having correct contact information on a résumé and addressing a cover letter to the right person/company is very important. All four had received résumés with incorrect phone numbers and cover letters addressed to other people/companies, including their competition.


  • All of the panelists agreed that dress and ‘stage presence’ are very important to the interview process and can help separate you from other candidates.

Social Networking

  • All four use social networking as part of their recruiting strategy.
  • Delmont and Tamasine used LinkedIn most heavily and Brooke uses Facebook most heavily.
  • Delmont suggested growing your network on LinkedIn to be more easily accessible to those that might search for you.

Recurring Theme

So with four recruiters (representing both agency and corporate) what do you think the number one thing they suggested?


You just can’t escape it folks – networking is the way to go.

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!


One response to “Four Recruiters, One Night, Lots Of Excellent Advice

  1. Very inspiring job seeking information! Cover letter is very crucial in getting an interview.

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