Job-Search Lesson Learned: How A Low Blow Can Help Land You a Job

At my family’s church in the Nashville area I serve on Sunday mornings in the children’s area and have been working with the third grade boys since the beginning of the school year.

This month we are talking about forgiveness and this morning in particular we were talking about how forgiving someone who has done something really bad can be especially difficult.

During our small group time I asked my group if anything had happened over the last week that was hard for them to forgive and one of my favorite kiddos raised his hand and said, “Well, my brother hit me in the testicles.”

After sitting in stunned silence (that was the last thing I expected to hear) and getting the other boys to quit laughing (it’s a guy thing – it’s always funny when it happens to someone else) I asked him how he handled the situation. He said that he was mad at first but realized it was not done on purpose and he got over it and forgave his brother.

Afterwards, it him me – a main key to finding a new job is to be able to be like that third-grader and put a low blow behind you and forgive those that put you in a situation that has caused you to look for work.

Maybe its a big company that laid you off because your employee number happened to be the lucky one that got pulled. Maybe its the economy’s fault – it caused your employer’s business to crumble. Maybe its a current coworker that makes your life at work unbearable.

Whatever the case is you need to find a way to start getting over ‘it’ and moving towards something new. People can detect an ounce of poison in your system a mile away and as long as that poison remains there you will not get hired, no matter how talented you are.

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!


One response to “Job-Search Lesson Learned: How A Low Blow Can Help Land You a Job

  1. Hello Matt,
    Thanks for this blog. I and many others I know have gone through the low-blow of a company closing, letting you go, or just not needing your services any longer. It hurts. However, I have also found the quicker I let the anger and hurt go, the quicker I can begin to see other and sometimes better possibilities in front of me.
    I have also learned from children that I teach in Church, they get mad and angry just like their adult peers do. The only difference is, they get over the hurt and anger quicker than adults and move on to the next exciting thing in their life. In-fact, the next most exciting thing gets their attention and they are drawn to it like metal to a magnet.
    Adults, tend to hold grudges and anger way too long.
    Mary, my dear wife, in relating to a social issue with one of my sons told me, “Be a mirror.”
    I said, “Pardon me?”
    She said, “Return to him the emotion he gives you. But be ready to change emotions quickly because he will get over the bad emotion and move on to a good emotion quickly. When he does, be a mirror. Get over the bad emotion and give him an equally good emotion.”
    It has worked over and over in the relationship with my son and with people I work with and work for.
    So, thanks again, I am this week moving on to a new employer from yet another abandonment from a previous employer who did not need my services any longer.
    Dave Jolly

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