Could a Tape Player Be Hurting Your Job-Search?

If you have ever visited our little part of the world-wide web before you probably have heard me talk about my three little boys – Alec, 9, Luca, 4, and Alden, 2.

The older two have developed a love for Transformers and we watch episodes (both new and old) on a regular basis. One of the characters that is in all of the shows is Soundwave, a Decepticon (the bad guys), that turns into a tape recorder (at least in the original series that was out when I was a kid).

This morning Alec was asking me something about the old Transformers shows and I mentioned what Soundwave was (tape recorder) and he looked at me like I was speaking Greek. He had no idea what the heck I was talking about.

After getting over feeling ancient I realized that a lot of people who are in job-search mode do the same thing – talk in vernacular that is foreign to their audience.

Maybe it jargon from your current or past employer that only co-workers would understand, maybe its job-function lingo that only a select few comprehend, or maybe you are using terms from 20 years ago that are out of fashioned and date you.

Whatever the case – make sure to review your job-search dictionary and ensure that it’s the 2011 GENERAL edition that everyone would use.

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!


3 responses to “Could a Tape Player Be Hurting Your Job-Search?

  1. Great post Matt! I have experienced the same thing with my son and with candidates!

  2. I agree Matt, it’s easy to think old style! Are you familiar with the Beloit “mindset” list. Here’s the latest edition that will help you feel really old!

  3. Good article:)

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