The Biggest Job-Search Lie Ever Told

The Holiday season is fast approaching and I have heard from more than one person that they are putting their job-search on hold because ‘no one hires at the end of the year.’

Every time I hear that I want to jump and down, scream like a two-year old, and tell them ‘no, no, no!’

One of the biggest lies that job-seekers are told (and believe) is that company’s shut down at the end of the year and do no hiring.

I have been in the recruiting business for several years now and one of the biggest quarters I have ever had was a fourth quarter which included several December hires.

Is it a bit more difficult to make things happen at the end of the year because of vacations and time out of the office? Yes.

Is it impossible to do? No.

Is it a good time to really hit the peddle to the medal? ABSOLUTELY!

The vast majority of job-seekers are going to tell themselves the lie that you now know is false and because of that there are less networking calls being made, fewer calls being made/returned to recruiters, and less hard-core search activity overall.

Take advantage of everyone else waiting for 2012 to make things happen.

Until next time, good hutning and good luck!


5 responses to “The Biggest Job-Search Lie Ever Told

  1. Thanks Matt for sharing a little Hope!

  2. I agree. I have hired and absolutely networked during late 4th quarter of the year. An offer may not be made in December; however, it is a great opportunity to network into the hiring manager. Additionally, less noise from other job seekers. You should be just as active in Nov and Dec. If nothing else, you have momentum into Jan while others are just ramping back up.

  3. I totally agree. We are currently recruiting and it’s really difficult finding the right candidates! There’re not so many out there at all and it’s very frustrating.

  4. Suzette Zaragoza

    I was told that very same lie and believed it for years until now. It does make sense that companies will want to hire before the year is up. Maybe they put off until the last minute for budget reasons. Whatever the reason may be am glad that hiring goes on and some people can find jobs and have a great Christmas.

  5. I agree – there’s always someone hiring somewhere. It’s always good to find those who share positive thinking when it comes to job searching in such a trying time.

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