What Words Or Phrases Do Recruiters Use That Drive You Crazy?

In December the annual list of most annoying words and phrases was released with some of what you would expect and a few surprises (check out the list here).

Upon seeing that list one of my favorite recruiting blogs (aptly named RecruitingBlogs) published a post entitled Question of the Day: What word or phrase do your candidates use that drive you crazy? in which they had recruiters leave a comment on the blog with words or phrases that candidates use that drive them up the wall.

As a job seeker it is definitely worth checking out and seeing what others are saying that might be a turnoff.

I thought it would interesting to turn the tables a little bit and get a list going of words or phrases (or even questions) that recruiters use that drive you crazy.

So what say you? Leave a comment.

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!


6 responses to “What Words Or Phrases Do Recruiters Use That Drive You Crazy?

  1. recruiter comment that ‘drives me crazy’. You were a good candidate, just not the best fit. (with no explanation) candidates need to know why they were not the best fit. Be courageous, candidates are not going to sue you.

  2. annoying phrase recruiters use when asked what their ideal candidate looks like: “we are looking for someone with energy”

  3. I’ll ping you.

  4. We feel you are “over-qualified.” Meaning they want someone not qualified who can totally screw up the organization?
    We dont feel you are a “good fit.” What is a good fit? Where did I fall short? Can you please provide me with some information for the next time?
    Worse than these is…..no response whatsoever. Regardless of whether you call or email a few weeks later to find out what’s going on with the position. It’s like you’ve become contaminated with a deadly virus.

  5. when it’s down to the wire and I’m one of two being considered, what do they mean when they say the employer “decided to go in a different direction”. What direction? Sideways? It’s just another way to say you’re too old, the wrong sex, the wrong look – whatever.

  6. Again with the “not the right fit” comment. Exactly what was the right fit and why didn’t you explain that on the interview while we were discussing the job. Why do recruiters/HR professionals have to be so vague? If you are looking for something specific or even not particularly specific verbalize it please to the candidate that you are talking to.

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