The Good News About Looking for a J-O-B

In most cases when conversations are had about job-search the talk is more about current activity (where are you interviewing, etc) than the end result (a J-O-B).

The truth of the matter is you WILL land somewhere, so why not focus on that rather than the daily grind of looking for work. It more than likely won’t be on your schedule (it rarely is) but the good news is there is a job out there with your name written all over it.

When talking about the art of looking for work you never know when, where, and how an opportunity is going to develop so you need to have a plan that includes all different avenues to get there (networking, recruiters, social media, applying to jobs, career fairs, etc) and having all of your ducks in a row to sell yourself at the drop of a hat.

If you need encouragement in your search please know that I pray for all of those looking for work on a very regular basis as I know how difficult job-search is and know the pains associated with it (financial, emotional, spiritual, self-confidence, etc) all too well.

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!


3 responses to “The Good News About Looking for a J-O-B

  1. Ms. Washington

    Thanks, what a blessing to know someone is praying on my behalf. I am seeking other employment opportunities.

  2. We do need to be reminded that this is a temporary state of being, but it is often so overwhelming that we can’t imagine landing somewhere sometime. Thank you for the encouraging words….and prayers!

  3. Great post. Tips about searching jobs are always welcome.

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