Major League Baseball and Job-Search

If you’ve ever watched a pro baseball game you know two things are true – it is as about as entertaining as watching paint dry and they have a statistic for everything.

Now, most of the stats are ridiculous (ie “he’s the first left-handed batter to hit the second pitch of a game to the third baseman since 1988”) but some (batting average, runs batted in, etc) are worth having and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out they keep them to track how a player is doing.

When it comes to job-search what are you tracking?

Could you tell me the number of jobs you are applying to per interview? Can you tell me the number of interviews you are having per offer? What about the number of networking calls you are making vs. the number of networking meetings you are having?

I would guess that if 1,000 people read this post 990 cannot tell me any of the numbers requested above which is VERY poor.

How can you judge what is working and what is not if you are not tracking what your activities are. If I were looking for a job today I would go MLB all over it and be able to put together a data story that would impress any MBA out there.

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!


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