These Words Will Get You Laughed At More Than Hired

I am a big believer that you really do have to sell yourself (and sell yourself well) to get hired in any economy, especially this one. On the other hand though some people have taken things to the point where they look just plain silly.

I can almost guarantee you that if you use one of these words/phrases listed below to describe YOURSELF (ie NOT someone else describing you) on your resume, LinkedIn profile, Twitter profile, or really anywhere else you are probably getting laughed at and not hired.

  • top  gun
  • ninja
  • superstar
  • guru
  • rock star
  • expert
  • top notch
  • top shelf
  • Jedi
  • ‘Yoda like’

You have been warned.

Until next time, good hunting and good luck!


4 responses to “These Words Will Get You Laughed At More Than Hired

  1. I hope labeling oneself as an expert would not get a laugh and not get a hire. “Expert” signifies that you know what you’re good at. With that being said though, one can’t be an expert at all things but should have expertise in something. Pick what you’re good at but be sure you really are an expert, don’t make it up.

  2. The effect, process, and guarantee would be complete if you, the applicant, showed up for the interview wearing apparel matching your verbiage; a ninja suit (complete with sword), jedi robes (light saber in belt). elvis styled jumpsuit (white is more effective) (superstar), number of options for rock star, but he yoda description (and any costume) just creepy.

  3. Ha. I agree, and I’m glad somebody said it out loud! I’ve always believed only rock stars should in fact refer to themselves as — rock stars! 🙂

  4. I believe it makes a greater impact if some of those designations are found in referrals from colleagues and managers versus self-descriptions. Some one else believing that you are a “Rock Star” or “Expert” who can attest to your work carries more weight (with me, at least) than giving yourself that name and hoping it sticks.

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