Cars, Job-Search, and YOU

The other day I was leading a discussion at a local career center and one of the things we spent some time speaking about was the fact that you have to be memorable and offer something unique as a job-seeker.

To put it into context lets talk about cars for a minute. What comes to mind when you hear the following names:

  • GMC
  • Ferrari
  • BMW
  • Honda

No matter who you are, each name strikes some sort of chord – for me its (in order) truck, supercar, ultimate driving machine, reliability.

Now lets turn that same exercise on you. When people hear your name (especially when it comes to people who either do the same work as you or that hire people like you) what comes to mind when your name is mentioned?

Is it something positive? Is it something at all?

I would take being a GMC, Ferrari, BMW, or Honda over a Avtovas (Russian car company that no one has heard of) any day of the week.

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!


2 responses to “Cars, Job-Search, and YOU

  1. good article. Good Blog…Well done Matt

  2. Have to love these car analogies. They really do strike home for job seekers. Thanks Matt well done, and thanks for all you do. All the best for a great holiday.

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