Four Things About Interviews

When you think about job-search there are really three big pieces – the resume, the interview, and the negotiation. Of course there’s is much, much more to it than that but those are the key pieces that landing a new job are built on.

When it comes to interviewing there are four critical things that must have to happen for it to work in your favor:


Prepare. As a job-seeker its your job to know the following (at a minimum):

  • What the company does
  • The company history
  • The company mission / value statement
  • All about the person you are speaking to (school, history with company, whether they like tennis or not)
  • What the word on the street is (check Indeed and Glassdoor)
  • Why you would be an asset to the company
  • Why you would be an asset in that role

Remember its just a conversation. I have seen some people get so worked up over an interview that they start hyperventilating, freeze up, and almost go into a state of shock. The majority of the time the hiring manager is going to hire someone he/she likes so it behooves you to go in relaxed knowing that they are not the big bad wolf.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. As someone who is trying to convince someone else that they are the best candidate for an open job there are certain ways you should act. I think the pictures below sum up pretty well what to avoid.                                                                 Post

Find out what YOU need to know. When you are in an interview always ask questions. Always. You can ask why they like working for the company, what the team is like, etc but there are four questions that I think get to the heart of the matter:

  • Why is this role open?
  • How do you view my candidacy for this position?
  • Are there any areas of concern about my skill set / background? (if there are this question will give you the chance to combat them)
  • How are you going to ensure that the person gets hired is successful?

What are your most time-honored interviewing tips? What makes interviews work for you? Leave a comment – I look forward to reading them!

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!


4 responses to “Four Things About Interviews

  1. Time Honored Interview Tips:
    I have been a success coach for many years and find some very simple points are key to a productive interview.

    1) Be authentic; quit trying to be something or someone else.

    2) Know where you can add value to the company – that means know your competencies. We pay for added value.

    3) Be a marketer of your talents as they relate to the work of the organization. 90% of competencies are transferrable to any organization; but you must know how to demonstrate that knowing in your communication.

    4) Remember chemistry is the number one reason we hire someone. Be personably professional.

    Comments by:
    Patricia Leonard
    President of Patricia Leonard & Associates

  2. Excellent interview questions, Matt. I really like the third one. If I could go back and have any interview “do-overs” I would definitely ask that question and attempt to set my skills on more solid footing with the manager.

  3. Great Blog as always Matt. Love your advice to be conversational as I agree that hiring managers do make decisions based on subjective things like how they “felt” about a candidate rather than strictly on skills and background.
    I always recommend that candidates be themselves and very authentic versus trying to be something they’re not, because you’ll get found out quickly if you try to fool them in the interview.
    I also urge them to make sure to ask questions that help them understand or demonstrate that they know exactly what the job will entail and discuss “how” the company wants the job done. There is a subtle difference in knowing what the job is and knowing “how” the hiring manager wants ithe job done. If the connection is made in the hiring manager’s mind that you can do it the way they want it done, you will have an edge over other candidates.

  4. I really appreciate the questions listed. It will definitely help to be ready for a great interview. The comments to make sure you are yourself is a great help also. Thank you for the blog!

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