Behind the Curtain

Matt LeBlanc is a results-oriented HR professional with expertise in full life cycle technical recruitment, sourcing, research, training and workforce and career development.

Core skills include:
– Consultative and strategic networking
– Advanced Boolean and web search techniques
– Utilizing social networking tools to find and attract top talent
– Brand management
– Job-search and career management strategies


8 responses to “Behind the Curtain

  1. Matt:
    Glad to see you taking this step. You are one of the most knowledgeable, helpful people in the Middle Tennessee area.
    Thank you

  2. You are definitely a multitasker! How would you like to blog to distinguish itself from other blogs and / or groups you facilitate?

  3. Good move. Well-written article. How have you defined the goal of the blog?

  4. Matt – Just wanted to let you know I’ve been enjoying reading your blog posts. I have shared this site with several friends as well.

    I wish I could make it to the CTSG meetings, but with the current position I’m in I can’t justify that type of networking. I do recommend it to any friends currently in transition.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. I’d like to subsribe to your posts via e:mail. Great articles.

  6. Great post. With so many talented candidates out there looking for work, this clarifies who we are and we can do to help.

    My best advice for job seekers: Please revise your resume and make it relevant to each job posting you respond to.

    Paula Wood
    Twitter: financejobs

  7. Hello Matt –

    Great site — refer to it often! Just a quick note — you have a misspelling here:

    Matt LeBlanc is a Senior Recruiter with NGP, a Nashville, TN based recruiting and consulting

    Keep up the good work!


  8. Matt,
    Here is a link to Bill Kirby’s documents tonight.

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