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Want a Job? Five Things You Have to Consider, NOW!

When you’re looking for a new job your number one priority is finding said job right? It better be! To help you move your search along here are five things to consider:

  1. Don’t expect any one thing or tool to be a silver bullet. One of the real frustrations with job-search is that you just never know where your next job is going come from. For many its networking, for others it might be a job-board or a recruiter. Do not ‘expect’ one thing to be your savior – invest your time in several but focus on what is proven to work (networking).
  2. Don’t get fooled by gimmicks (especially if you have to pay for them).  Anyone who tells you they have the ‘total package’ for your job-search and guarantees their ‘system’ will get you a job is a liar. Don’t be fooled and do NOT write them a $5,000 check.
  3. Listen to those that know. If you went to the doctor for an illness and he told you to do XYZ you would listen right? Then why don’t you take the same approach with your job-search and listen to all of those folks that talk about how good networking is?
  4. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Let’s see. You found a job twenty years ago by doing XYZ and now you want to do the same thing. I’ll talk to you in six months when you are still looking. The time is now to look at new things whether it be an online networking site, a personal website, or making a stand to manage your career.
  5. Keep your skills current. Watch webinars, go to seminars/conferences, take a class read articles, volunteer, do anything and everything to keep your skills fresh, clean, and up-to-date. Otherwise you will pay for it in the interview.

There you have it – five things to do, not do, watch, avoid, and think about for your search.

What would you add to the list? Anything?

Until next time, good hunting and good luck!


Job-Search Lesson: Why You Should Blog (What 131,952 People Have Taught Me)

Since our first post on 2/20/2009 Recruiters Guide to the Universe has been focused on one thing – the art of finding work. Over that time I have tried a little of everything to go at it from a different angle, come up with something original, and make it worth paying attention to.

Sometimes it has worked, sometimes it hasn’t, and sometimes its been in the middle but during all of it one thing has remained constant – my belief that blogging is one of the most under utilized tools amongst job-seekers.

Today we are going to take a look at the good and bad of blogging and make a case for starting a blog that (hopefully) will convince someone, somewhere to take the bull by the horns.

RGttU by the Numbers

To get started I think it would be good to look at RGttU by the numbers to get a feel for where we are at so you have a baseline understanding of where we are coming from.

  • We have put out 75 posts in 18 categories (all job-search based), an average of three per month
  • We have had 743 comments
  • We have had 131,952 readers (as of 5:20 am on Thursday 6/2) with an average of just over 5,000 readers per month
  • We have a LinkedIn Group, Facebook fan page, and a Twitter account (you can find them in the side margin)

The good

  • You meet new people (most of the time virtually)
  • You expand your circle of influence (again, most of the time virtually).
  • You learn new skills and hone old ones (writing, marketing, creativity, thought organization, etc)
  • It gives you something to share with your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook networks (WordPress has an app for all three)
  • If you are consistent with your blog it shows that you are passionate about your functional area / industry
  • It shows that you understand and can work with today’s technologies
  • It is a marketing tool for BRAND YOU that never takes a break

The bad

  • You will be called an idiot, stupid, a loser, and sometimes much worse by people who disagree with what you write. I was once told by a reader that a post would ‘end my career’ – it has gone on to be our most popular post with over 20,000 readers.
  • It’s hard work and you have to be consistent.
  • Getting readers is a challenge – they won’t just flock to you just because you put something out there (that is almost as guaranteed as taxes and death)

The (potential) result

  • You will increase your network (if I had to guess, I would imagine I have gotten a minimum of 300 LinkedIn invites from people all over the world who have stumbled across my little section of the web)
  • If you do a good job opportunities will spring up (could be anything from sharing your expertise to a small consulting gig to a full-time job)
  • You will have the chance to be a conversation starter and thought leader

Why you should blog?

In my opinion (it’s worth what you paid for it) the market for talent is tight right now and will continue to be competitive for some time to come and the need to separate yourself both now and in the future will be very important.

Having a forum where you can have others learn from your expertise whether they know you personally or not  CAN (no guarantees though) lead to your name and work being passed along to decision makers.

Finally, if nothing else there was seven positives to come out of blogging and only three negatives. If that’s not enough to convince you, nothing will.

Until next time, good hunting and good luck!

Wanna Be A Job-Search Pro? Pay Attention to Moms Everywhere.

My wife is an amazing woman – I think anyone who has ever met her would agree with that. She puts up with me, keeps our house organized and running, does an amazing job with our three boys, and works harder in one day than I work in a week.

After really thinking about all she (and moms everywhere) do on a daily basis it hit me that all you have to do to find a job is to follow their lead.

Mom’s can always make something of nothing. Whether it be an excellent dinner from leftovers or making up a new game on a rainy day Mom’s can make the ordinary extraordinary, and the worst situation seem like the best ever.

Job-search take away: Make sure to make every attempt to make something out of every conversation, every networking event, and every relationship (new and old) while searching for work.

Mom’s always have the right answer. Mom’s know what to say all the time and in any situation and their word is as good (if not better) than gold.

Job-search take away: For any networking or interview situation you find yourself in do the preliminary work beforehand to be like Mom (ie always have the right answer).

Mom’s are always remembered in a positive way. How many people with a Dad tattoo on their arms? Enough said.

Job-search take away: The job-search process is all about politicking. Do it well and you are half way home, do it poorly and you will be looking for a well.

Mom’s want the best for you. Mom’s always put others ahead of themselves, even if it means missing out on a fun night out or their favorite show (well, maybe except Grey’s Anatomy in the LeBlanc household). 

Job-search take away: When you are looking for a job you need to consider a potential employer’s needs before your own (until it is time to negotiate) as your sole responsibility is to worry about and figure out how you will make the company money and make the hiring manager look good.

Hope we gave you one more reason to thank your Mom on Mother’s Day – helping you find a new job.

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!


A Dog, Space Balls, 1 Corinthians 9:24 & Your Job-Search

I know it’s not everyday that you think about how a dog, a movie, and a Bible verse can impact your search for a new job but sometimes you need to put things that do not go together together to see the bigger picture.
A dog. Meet Grady, our family’s newest edition, a very cute dog that has a problem – no one knows what he is.

Many go down the pit bull route, some go down the boxer route, others go down the, “What kind of mix is he?” route. I guess if I had not owned one before I would not know that Grady is an American Bulldog either.

So the question is, how can a dog with an identity problem affect your search?

The question you need to ask yourself is, are you the Grady of job-search? Can people look at your background or the way you market yourself and figure out the most basic of questions – what it is that you do. If not, you should consider going back to the drawing board.

“I see your Schwartz is as big as mine.” I know that most of Space Balls is eighth grade humor at best (especially the clip above which is why so many guys love it) but this one line does have a lot of truth when it comes to job-search.

Many folks out there can do the same exact job as you (i.e. their schwartz is as big as yours) so it all comes down to how you market yourself and explain why you are the candidate of choice.

If others are having trouble seeing the value you bring to the table you might consider figuring out where you are going wrong in selling the what, when, where, and how of why you are the best out there.

The Bible verse. I love reading the Bible and make a habit out reading it everyday. One of my favorite practical verses is 1 Corinthians 9:24, “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.”

Are you running the job-search race in such a way that you will get the prize (a new job)? Do some research and figure out how others are finding jobs – are you putting some of the same tactics into practice in your search? If not, why not?

If you are having trouble seeing progress in your search you might consider looking at new ways to go about getting the end result.

Until next time, good hunting and good luck!

Throw Your Wants Out the Window if You Want to Ace an Interview

Many who are looking for jobs go into every day of their search concerned about their wants and needs in a job, take that same attitude into an interview, and then wonder why they are not getting offers.

Generally in an interview, a prospective employer could really care less about your wants and needs – sure, they will ask what you are looking for, what you enjoy, and may even ask what you are passionate about but at the end of the day they really only care about following things:

  • How can you help make them money, more efficient, retain and/or expand their customer base, or increase their market share?
  • How can you make the hiring manager look really good to his bosses?
  • How can you make the job of the other team members easier?
  • How can you help make them better than the competition?

As a job-seeker, if you cannot answer those four questions and answer them well don’t expect an offer from that (or any) organization any time soon.

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!


Are You Being Productive In Your Job-Search?

Most job-seekers are not very productive in their search and waste valuable time and energy on things that are not worth doing. To avoid the trap that most fall into, here are three questions you must ask yourself about every activity in your job-search:

Is what I am doing RIGHT NOW going to enhance my job-search?.

Is what I am doing RIGHT NOW going to set me apart from the competition?.

Is what I am doing RIGHT NOW going to get me a step closer to a job-offer? 

If you cannot answer ‘yes’ to all three with your daily activity you are missing the boat and missing it badly. Once you do figure out activities that meet expectations of all three plan your day around them and you will be much more productive in finding your next opportunity (a hint as to what is productive can be found here).

Until next time, good hunting and good luck!


A Coach, A Death Crawl, & Your Job-Search

Do you have a motivator and accountability partner in your job-search? Is he like the coach in the video below?

One of the most valuable (and overlooked) pieces of the job-search is that person who will motivate you to do your best day in and day out and get you to go beyond what you thought was possible. Job-search is NOT fun (about as much fun as the death crawl in the video above) and if you don’t have someone to hold you accountable to doing the right things you won’t.

If you are currently knee-deep in your job-search find that person RIGHT NOW. If you are gainfully employed, start looking because you are probably going to need them sooner rather than later.

Until next time – good hunting and good luck!